Perspective is the word used to describe how we see and understand the world around us.

Our religious beliefs can shape the way we see the world. In our identity tree, we saw that many other things also shape our perspective.

Because we are unique and individual, we often see things differently from other people. Sometimes this can cause arguments and disagreements.

Art Activities

EXPERIMENT 1: Break into groups of four. One child is given a picture which they must describe to the other three children. The three artists cannot ask any questions. They can only draw what they hear. They should work alone.

When the drawings are complete compare the three drawings to each other and then to the original. What is the same? What is different?

EXPERIMENT 2: Place a bowl filled with fruit in the centre of the classroom. Children should draw only what they can see from their own seat. Once the children have completed their drawings, compare the results.

What is the same? What is different? The pictures should be different depending on where each child was sitting. They each had a different view of the fruit bowl. Use the pictures to explore the idea perspective with your class.