In 2009, Monaghan Education Centre made a successful application to the Monaghan County Development Board Peace III Peace & Reconciliation Partnership for funds to carry out this Peace III project. The EUProgramme for Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border region of Ireland (PEACE III Programme) is a distinctive European Structural Funds programme.

In October 2009, a group of primary school teachers from nine schools spanning the four corners of County Monaghan came together in Monaghan Education Centre to discuss issues of racism, sectarianism and bullying in their schools.

Over the coming months, experiences were shared, promising practice passed on and ideas for a practical teaching tool were thrashed out.

It is with great pleasure that we now hold this completed resource in our hands.

This resource provides teachers with a framework for dealing with issues of diversity in the classroom. It provides basic information and activities that can be adapted to suit pupils of all levels, ages and abilities.

Throughout the pilot, the project team were continually amazed by the resourcefulness of the teachers and colleagues who embraced the draft material; taking words on a printed page and turning them into exciting and challenging lessons and classroom activities.

In addition to the commitment of the ten individual teachers involved in the project, a sincere thanks must be passed to the families, colleagues, pupils and parents who supported the members of this working group as they made this journey all the way from a blank page to a resource bursting with information, ideas and content.

There are hundreds of different ways to approach this material. We encourage you to find your own route through.

The Embedding Tolerance in our Young People project was very fortunate to receive Peace III funding to develop primary resources for reconciliation for use within Co. Monaghan schools. We wish to acknowledge the funding provided by Peace III, without which this project could not have proceeded.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the work of the staff at the Peace III Office in Monaghan County Council, who have supported the ‘Embedding Tolerance in our Young People’ project from the outset.

Primary Schools’ Working Group
Embedding Tolerance in our Young People
April 2011