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This is a website which has been developed to accompany the About Me, About Us: Celebrating Diversity in Co. Monaghan Schools resource folder for primary school teachers.

The site has been designed to be used in conjunction with the About Me, About Us folder. Click here to download a pdf version of the document.

The resource book and website were designed by primary school teachers from Monaghan schools for their colleagues in Monaghan and further afield. As part of the Embedding Tolerance in our Young People project, the teachers identified a need for resources aimed specifically at acknowledging and promoting understanding of the diverse communities within our county. This is the result of our efforts to meet this need.

Here are a few tips for using this website:

  • Maximise your screen view and resolution
    •  If you are having difficulty viewing the site. Follow the instructions on the Screen Resolution page to adjust your settings.
  • Keep the About Me, About Us folder close at hand
    • The folder contains all of the information you will need to link your work back to the curriculum.
    • It contains additional teachers’ notes and activities.
    • A limited number of hard copies are available from Monaghan Education Centre but the folder is available to download from
    • Take some time prior to your lesson to familiarize yourself with the layout and activities.
  • Navigating the website
    • The website follows the layout of the About Me, About Us folder.
    • It is divided into six sections and numerous sub-sections, which correspond to pages in the folder.
    • Each section contains text, information and activities relevant to the heading.
    • You can navigate the site by clicking on the section or sub-section headings in the navigation pane to the left hand side of the screen.

Know your icons

There are a number of different hand icons indicating various interactivities. These include clicking text boxes or speech bubbles, dragging text boxes, etc.


This icon indicates that an activity accompanies the item. Click the icon to go directly to the activity.


This icon indicates that there is an audio accompaniment to the words listed. Click on the word to hear how it sounds.


This icon indicates that there is a printable worksheet to accompany the page. Click on the icon to open a printable PDF document. You can also print any page by going to File>Print or Ctrl+P on your keyboard


Give it a go and have fun!

Even if you are not very comfortable with web based resources, we encourage you to try out this website.

Above all, we hope that you enjoy working with the website.

Please contact our webmaster if you are having any problems with this site on 047 56786  or

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