Maximising screen view and resolution

This website is at its best when viewed using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.  You can download Mozilla Firefox for free by following this link

You will also need adobe flash player to run some activities on this site, most PCs have this already, in the event of you not having this player it can be downloaded here >>

In order to maximise the screen view press F11 on your keyboard.  This will temporarily hide the toolbars from the top of your screen.

Choosing the correct screen resolution for this site:

Step 1:
Right click on your desktop, a list of options will pop up.
Click on the Properties link at the end of the list (highlighted in pink below).

Step 2:

A new window will pop up.  Go to the Settings tab (highlighted in pink below).

Look at the section marked Screen Resolution.

NB: Take note of the number, the screen resolution is now set at.  If your monitor doesn’t support the recommended screen resolution, you will need to revert back to this original setting.

Adjust the screen resolution by dragging the arrow along the bar.  Change the setting to 1024 x 768 pixels (highlighted in pink below).

Click Apply.

Click Ok.

Note: You monitor will take time to adjust and may flash or blink while it is refreshing and adjusting to the new resolution.