Eglė’s first impression of the snake was not very good. She did not want to marry a slithery slimy snake. She thought they would have nothing in common. When she met Žilvinas, the Serpent Prince, they fell in love and lived a happy life in their underwater kingdom.

Think about meeting someone who was different from you in some way for the first time.

(Hint: It might be someone from a different country, or another town, or from a different religion, or someone who speaks a different language)

Encounter with:

What can you remember about the place where you met this person and what happened when you met?

Write down everything you can remember about the person you met, what they looked like and what they were wearing.

Was it easy for you and the other person to understand each other? How did you communicate with each other?

How did you feel about meeting this other person at the time?

How do you think the other person felt about meeting with you?

Do you think there is anything you and the other person could learn from each other?

What do you think you learnt or discovered from the meeting?

If you met the person again is there anything more you would like to ask them or anything else you would tell them about yourself?

Teachers’ Notes: These questions are taken from the Council of Europe’
Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters for Younger Learners (AIEYL).
A full version of the AIEYL is available to download . 
The authors welcome feedback from teachers which can be submitted via an online form.