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A  Polish Legend

The story of Janosik

Janosik was the famous leader of a band of Polish robbers. As a young man, he lived in the mountains which lie along the border between Poland and Slovakia.

One day while walking through the mountains he came across a greedy landlord and his henchmen soldiers who were collecting money from the poor and starving people of the villages.

Janosik decided to steal the money from the landlord and give it back to its rightful owners.

He displayed great bravery and recaptured the heavy sack of gold coins. Unbeknownst to Janosik, three wise witches were watching from the wings. They were so impressed with his courage that they gave him three magical gifts.

The first was a magical shirt, to protect him from the arrows of his enemies. The second was a magicbelt, to help him run as fast as the wind. The third magical gift was a climbing axe so that he could escape up steep cliffs.
Janosik and his friends were the scourge of the rich and greedy people living in Poland at that time.

Janosik used his supernatural powers to plunder their homes but never kept the loot for himself.

Instead he used it to feed the poor and hungry people.

Although Janosik was the hero of the poor, not everybody was happy about his special powers. A large reward was offered for his capture. A woman he knew was tempted by the reward. She stole his magical gifts and helped the soldiers to find Janosik.

After a brave battle, Janosik, who no longer had any superpowers, was arrested and taken to prison…but not for long. Even without his magical gifts Janosik managed to escape using his cunning to trick the guards.

To this day, he lives in the same mountains robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

The End