Activity: Islam

Use the words in this box to fill in the gaps in the text below, drag the correct word to the line.

1,400 years ago,   __________________________  revealed his messages to the

____________________  (pbuh). The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) began to preach Islam in the

city of Mecca in      _______________________________  .

These messages are written in the    ________________________  .

People who follow Islam are called       ________________  . They pray five times every day, at

   _______________, noon, afternoon, sunset and at   ______________ . When Muslims

pray they must face in the direction of    ___________________ . In Ireland this means that they must

face south    ____________  . This is called    ___________  . It is one of the five     ________    of Islam.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims       ___________________    from dawn until      _________________  .

At the end of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate       ______________________________________ .