Crossword on World Religions

HaJj  ElDers
o e     a
l SiTa  V
i u o   i
  s RaMadan
O   a u
r   h h   S
t  P  a   c
h  OnaM   h
o  p  m IcOns
D  e  e   o
o     DiWali

Clues Across
  1) One of the five pillars of Islam. All Muslims must make this
      pilgrimage. (4 letters)
  3) The Presbyterian Church is led by these people (6 letters)
  5) Rama and ____; the story of Diwali (4 letters)
  7) A month of fasting for Muslims (7 letters)
12) A harvest festival like 1 down (4 letters)
13) Pictures and statues in an Orthodox church (5 letters)
14) The Hindu festival of lights (6 letters)

Clues Down
  1) A Hindu harvest festival (4 letters)
  2) All Christians follow the life of this man (5 letters)
  4) A Jewish symbol; the star of _______ (5 letters)
  6) The holy book of the Jews (5 letters)
  8) Allah’s messages were revealed to this Prophet (8 letters)
  9) A Christian religion found in Greece, Romania and
      Russia (8 letters)
10) Many Protestant Children attend Sunday ______ (6 letters)
11) The head of the Catholic Church (4 letters)