My Name

Circle Time Discussion
Everyone has a name. Sometimes, a person’s name can give us clues about their identity. Your name might tell a new friend where your family comes from or what is important to them.

Think about your own name.

  • Do you know what it means?
  • Why did your parents choose it?
  • Were you called after someone (a relation, a famous person or even a pop star)?
  • When a new friend hears your name for the first time, what might he/she think about
  • Are you a boy or a girl?
  • Your nationality?
  • Your religion?
  • The languages you speak?
  • Examples
  • Áine might be an Irish girl
  • Christoph might be a Christian
  • Pierre Ó Murchú might speak Irish and French
  • Is he/she correct?
  • Does anyone else in your class share your name?
  • What else do you have in common with that person?